Educate a girl, empower a woman, inspire a community, change lives!

The Commonwealth Girls Education Fund (CGEF) is a registered charity, no. 1048908, formerly known as Commonwealth Countries League Education Fund (CCLEF). 

The CGEF helps girls to complete their secondary or high school education in their own Commonwealth country in cases where, for economic reasons, this might not otherwise be possible.

Support (both financial and encouragement) is tailored to the individual needs of each girl based on their academic potential, individual merit and personal situation.

Support may cover school and examination fees, safe transportation, school meals, compulsory uniforms and books, etc.

The CGEF will also consider payments for special training of academically capable girls with physical disabilities.

The CGEF is governed by a Board of Trustees that meet regularly to discuss and approve sponsorship applications and renewals.  The board are responsible for the direction, management and promotion of the Fund and fundraising. The CGEF employs one paid Administrative Secretary for four days a week to perform administration duties e.g. sponsorship applications and renewals, maintenance of records, preparation of payment instructions, liaison with schools overseas, etc.

Sponsorship monies are sent directly to carefully selected and vetted schools where girls are being educated although, in a small number of cases, trusted intermediary organisations have to be used due to ‘on the ground’ circumstances or local legislation.

An Annual Report is produced for wide distribution and presented at the CGEF AGM along with a report on sponsored girls.

Our Success and Thanks  

The success of the CGEF is borne out by the commitment of the girls themselves and all the support we receive from volunteers, supporters and donors. 

Real, measureable impact on society can be evidenced through the work of the CGEF. As young women, our girls have gone on to work in many spheres – teaching, accountancy, nursing, tourism, public relations, journalism, medicine, law, architecture, engineering, conservation - to name but a few. All have directly benefitted from educational sponsorship.  In turn, so have their families, communities and countries.

The CGEF Trustees are grateful to the diplomatic community, the Commonwealth Countries League (CCL) and its associated and affiliate members, corporate and business supporters, trusts, groups and individuals, and all our friends who give of their time, expertise and energy to fundraise so that the CGEF can continue to help more girls to remain in school.

We are deeply appreciative of all those supporters who donate on a regular or one-off basis, and those who support our fund-raising efforts.

On behalf of all the girls throughout the Commonwealth sponsored by the CGEF over the past years, THANK YOU!