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CGEF is honoured to have the support of the following Trusts, Groups, Schools and Individuals. We thank you all for your ongoing support. 

CCfE Member - Commonwealth Consortium for Education

The CCfE has been established by a group of education-related Commonwealth NGOs to coordinate their efforts on behalf of Commonwealth education to stimulate more coherence in their work and to provide a collective mechanism for interaction with ministries and official Commonwealth organisations. 

CEC Member - Council for Education in the Commonwealth

The Council for Education in the Commonwealth (CEC), a parliament based NGO, was founded over 50 years ago, at the time of the first Commonwealth Education Ministers' Conference. Its purpose is to create an informed public opinion on the salient issues concerning education and training in the Commonwealth and to identify appropriate ways in which Britain and the European Union can best contribute to their development.


  • Madrinha Trust
  • St James’s Place Foundation
  • Australia National Youth Trust
  • Children’s Hope Foundation


  • Ngati Ranana Group
  • Southampton Solent University Students
  • Canadian Federation of University Women, Salt Spring Island
  • Australian Womens’ Club
  • Bangladeshi Ladies
  • Womens’ India Association
  • All Pakistan Women’s Association

Our CCLEF Britsh 10K Runners 2015:

Frederike Zeltner, Vasile Lazu, Priyanka Kansal, Robert Vaughan, Francesca Cesare - Pintorno, Valerie Goode, Douglas Campbell, Lola Royle, Gagan Sharma, Danielle Mannucci, Marc Sandfort, Sumit Virmani, Rohan Thakur, Simon O’Regan, Vijay Krishnarayan, Ronan Jouffe, Gillian O’Regan, Vicky Stevens, Jay Potdar, Gabor Toth, Victoria Stringer, Daniela Denker, Martine Ferland, Sunita Badal, Casmir Chanda, Danielle Jones-Smith, Fabrizio Brugarello, Ashish Dohte, Gaurav Gaikwad and Pankaj Singh.


All the schools involved in the 1000 Schools for 1000 Girls including

Durham High


  • All our Trustees and Patrons
  • All our British 10k runners
  • Judy Moody Stuart
  • Sui Chin McKeand
  • S Rankine
  • Rajeev Shah
  • David Chivers
  • Karen Loose
  • Louisa Service OBE
  • Lucy Carter
  • Ade Adepitan MBE
  • Tessa Sanderson CBE
  • Baroness Jo Valentine
  • Reggie Balavu 


We would also like to recognise the many volunteers who donate their time and talents to the CGEF.