Educate a girl, empower a woman, inspire a community, change lives!

Join our Commonwealth Cook Off campaign from 1st - 31st August 2020 and have the opportunity to feature your recipe(s) in our Cookbook and social media.

Whether passed down through the family or a favourite amongst friends, we would love you to share the dishes that mean the most by creating a starter, main or dessert inspired by one of the 54 Commonwealth countries.  You don't need to be from a Commonwealth country to participate and we will be posting recipe suggestions that you can try at home, if you need a little inspiration!


  • Register here on our campaign Just Giving page
  • Donate £5 (or more) per dish entered
  • You will receive a registration email within 1-2 days explaining what you will need to do next (look out for an email from
  • Submit your recipe and picture/video of your homemade Commonwealth dish to be part of our Cook Off campaign on social media

Selected entries will be featured in our Cookbook, available to purchase later on this year. Entries will be shortlisted and the final decision made by a select panel of judges. Recipes submitted without a donation will not be considered for the Cookbook.

Keep in touch with us during the campaign by following us on Linked In, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. If you do not use social media and would like to keep informed about the campaign, join the Commonwealth Girls Education Fund Mailing List our Commonwealth Cook Off Mailing list for weekly updates, highlights from what participants are sharing on social media, as well as news of special guest Chefs who will be participating in the event.


The Commonwealth Girls Education Fund is a UK based charity that sponsors bright but financially challenged young women in their home country, enabling them to finish their secondary school education.

For the past 53 years we have seen the true impact of investing in their future, with some of our alumnae becoming engineers, doctors, teachers, paediatricians, vets, as well as role models in their communities. However, at times of environmental and economic crisis so many more girls face the possibility of being uneducated, in turn putting them at increased risk of early child marriage, pregnancy and domestic abuse.

During this challenging time in the world, we want to do what we can to continue our mission and engage all of you to inspire and be inspired by cultures from around the world.


Funds raised through donations, book proceeds or income from social media partnerships will go to the Commonwealth Girls Education Fund, Registered Charity No 1048908.

Participants consent to sharing their recipes, images and videos with the Commonwealth Girls Education Fund for the purpose of promoting and marketing the Cook Off campaign and subsequent publishing of the Cook Off Cookbook.

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Images and videos must be sent in the highest quality setting available on your device. Please ensure you check the quality of your entry before submission as low quality images will not be considered and new entries will incur a new donation charge.

Personal data supplied during the course of the Cook Off campaign and the subsequent publishing of the Cook Off Cookbook will only be processed as set out in the Commonwealth Girls Education Fund’s privacy policy:

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