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Our Girls

The CCLEF has sponsored thousands of girls through secondary education since 1967.

Today we are supporting 397 able girls across 25 Commonwealth countries. Without our help, these girls would not otherwise receive an education and their lives would be very different indeed.

Meet some of our girls in education at the moment and read about our alumnae's success stories. 

The CGEF sponsors girls to support them through their secondary schooling where, without financial support, the girl would not be able to continue school.

Find our more about our girls and how our sponsorship supports them

If you are a CGEF Alumna, we would like to hear from you and want you to tell us your story. We like to stay in touch and share the wonderful experience of being a CGEF sponsored girl. If you were once sponsored by the CGEF, formerly Commonwealth Countries League Education Fund (CCLEF), you can also now join the CGEF Alumnae Association.

For more details and to join, please complete the Alumnae form and send it by e-mail to:  ,or by post.

Stay up to date with the latest news via our Facebook page Commonwealth Girls Education Fund Alumnae

View the latest video from the last Alice Hemming Lunch, which raised funds for the Alumnae Association.