Educate a girl, empower a woman, inspire a community, change lives!

On average over the past five years, we have sponsored 2 girls per year in St Vincent & The Grenadines.

The following story is from one of our beneficiaries, highlighting her ambition and the obstacles that prevented her from completing secondary school before she was sponsored.

To protect her identity, the name of the girl has been changed.

Catherine’s Story

“I hope to one day become an Optician. I would love to assist my fellow villagers and country with the many eye problems that impact them”

Catherine is 13 years old and has the potential to excel academically. She was living with her grandparents who were able to provide for her; however, on Christmas Day 2013 they died, alongside an Aunt and two cousins when her island was flooded by an irregular wave system. She now lives with her parents who are unemployed and are unable to provide the necessary resources needed for school. Despite personal tragedies and financial challenges, her academic performance remains on average 70% and with the CGEF’s support, is now able to focus on the next four years of secondary school.

“My father is an alcoholic, thus one of the main reasons that he has difficulties in finding gainful employment. Thank you in advance for this sponsorship as you seek to assist unfortunate girls like me”