Educate a girl, empower a woman, inspire a community, change lives!

On average over the past five years, we have sponsored 10 girls per year in Rwanda.

The following story is from one of our beneficiaries, highlighting her ambition and the obstacles that prevented her from completing secondary school before she was sponsored.

To protect her identity, the name of the girl has been changed.

Rose’s Story

“My mother has one right arm. The left was cut during the 1994 Tutsi Genocide, so now my mother doesn’t have any money”

Rose lives with her mother who is an amputee. Her mother is also a widow and all of their relatives, including Rose’s brothers and sisters died during the 1994 Tutsi Genocide. The situation left them helpless with no income and the need to rely on the generosity of classmates and neighbours for help. The CGEF were happy to approve Rose’s application for funding given the background, personal circumstances and her good grades. Since then, she has flourished and will be graduating this year.

“My life is so difficult, I must work hard especially in my studies, so that in future I can find a good job. With the salary they will pay, I will help my mother and other people who have had a difficult life”