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The CGEF sponsors girls to support them through their secondary schooling where, without financial support, the girl would not be able to continue school.

Sponsorship is tailored to the individual needs of a girl based on academic potential, achievement and personal need.

Applications must be made by the Head Teacher on behalf of a girl/s in their own school or by a recognised Commonwealth organisation.

Applicants must meet some or all of the following criteria:

  • live and go to school in a developing Commonwealth Country**
  • is in desperate need of funding
  • is academically able (preferably fall within the top 10% of their cohort/year group)
  • is keen to articulate future ambitions
  • is able to demonstrate commitment to studying
  • is recommended by an appropriate person e.g. Head Teacher or Class Teacher

The CGEF recognises the individual nature of each sponsorship application and takes personal and wider circumstances into account when allocating funding.

The CGEF encourages sponsored girls to develop and share their academic and self-development success in appropriate and responsible ways both during sponsorship and after leaving school.

Sponsorship is renewable annually and only if all conditions of sponsorship have been met by the School and by the girl. The decision of the Trustees is final.

** The Trustees are currently particularly interested in receiving sponsorship enquiries from Mozambique and Vanuatu, but remain committed to offering support to girls from all developing Commonwealth Countries.

Please note that submission of an application is not a guarantee for sponsorship.

How to Apply

Contact The Administrative Secretary for more information. Email your queries to