Educate a girl, empower a woman, inspire a community, change lives!

On average over the past five years, we have sponsored 4 girls per year in Samoa.

The following story is from one of our beneficiaries, highlighting her ambition and the obstacles that prevented her from completing secondary school before she was sponsored.

To protect her identity, the name of the girl has been changed.

Nauri’s Story

“With your funding, I will be able to have access to all of the necessary resources needed to finish school. My goal is to become a successful businesswoman in future”

Nauri is an above average student who always shows optimism in her performance regardless of how difficult or new a task is. She has leadership potential and is an active energetic participant in school. However, her parents are without a stable income and until CGEF funding, struggled to make ends meet. Nauri is now able to buy a school uniform, pay her school fees and buy books, which have helped her improve in her subjects. She will be sitting her national exams at the end of this year, the result of which will grant her access to her final year in high school.

“I come from a huge family whose source of income depends mostly on fishing. They struggle to find the money for my school fees and other needs, because no one in my family has a paid job. Sometimes I feel down when all of my friends in class have paid school fees except for me”