Educate a girl, empower a woman, inspire a community, change lives!

On average over the past five years, we have sponsored 7 girls per year in Belize.

The following story is from one of our beneficiaries, highlighting her ambition and the obstacles that prevented her from completing secondary school before she was sponsored.

To protect her identity, the name of the girl has been changed.

Buena’s Story

“I know that I will never be able to repay you financially, but your investment will pay off when one day I will be able to do the same for other students who may be in need”

Buena comes from a poor family, and her parents make every possible sacrifice to support the education of their children. Her father is a subsistence farmer in rural Belize, and their income depends on agricultural yields. These have become increasingly unstable in recent years with the effects of climate change.
Buena loves school. She gets up at 5 o’clock every morning in order to catch the crowded bus for the 15-mile journey to school. She hopes one day to become a vet and to set an example to her four younger siblings by completing high school.

“I believe in myself, I know that I am special and unique. I am confident in my abilities and I know that my education is creating a change in me. I am becoming more aware of my surroundings, my country and the advances in global networking around the world. I want to learn more so that I can do more”