Educate a girl, empower a woman, inspire a community, change lives!

Penny O'Regan, 2015 CCLEF Chairperson and Judith Fisher, CCLEF Hon Treasurer met with the Ghanaian High Commission to discuss the CCLEF's sponsorships for girls' education in Ghana. During their meeting, the Ghana High Commission (HC) informed CCLEF that their government has committed to funding secondary education fees, excluding boarding fees, for every child in Ghana from September 2015.

In recent reports, the UN has stated that Ghana is making "strong progress" in education.  This approach was confirmed as CCLEF heard that tertiary education is more accessible to bright students in Ghana with the availability of loans and other sources. Ghana is also appearing to be making good progress in getting women into government roles.

The HC also discussed the ongoing CCLEF contribution to girls' education in Ghana and showed that in fact, schools that have a connection with CCLEF are spread throughout Ghana and can be found from Ankara to the Eastern areas. The news of the Ghanaian government's committment to funding secondary education fees was welcomed and CCLEF reaffirmed its committment to helping girls in Ghana.  CCLEF understands that the girls' personal needs extend beyond just paying the fees and the Trustees are committed to helping them with whatever their needs are.


CCLEF Image with Ghana HC 640x480