Educate a girl, empower a woman, inspire a community, change lives!

Hello Everyone - warmest wishes for a happy and healthy 2015 from all at the CCLEF.

January is a busy time for the CCLEF given that the new calendar year sees a new school year in most of the countries into which we sponsor.  Currently Trustees are considering applications from Ghana, India, Samoa, South Africa, Namibia, Uganda, Rwanda and Nigeria – busy, busy!

Of course, sponsoring girls means we need funds – and we are deeply appreciative of every pound that is donated to the CCLEF. Talking of fundraising, the Trustees thoroughly enjoyed manning our stall at the Fair last November (which seems such a long time ago already!) and sincerely thank the Fair organizing committee for the £5,000 cheque already received.

Our next fundraising event is the extraordinary ride that Peter Munt- Davies (husband of Trustee, Anne) is going to undertake in order to raise money for the girls we sponsor. Please do support Peter - every donation will help to make Peter’s mammoth effort more worthwhile. If your new year’s resolution was to help make the world a little bit better, then please do remember Peter and his determination to raise money for our girls.

Peter is going to try and raise enough funds to cover the 2015 school costs for the following girls (and hopefully a few more besides):

Afrina from India who expresses the dearest wish not to have to give up education because of poverty

Sara who passionately wants to be a doctor in Sri Lanka

Augustine who wants to be a science teacher to help educate future generations in Vanuatuu

Chazma from St Lucia who says sponsorship has driven her to strive for more and feels honoured to receive the support of the CCLEF

Qwndolyn from Vanuatu who explains that she is one of six children, only four of whom can attend school due to financial constraint - but she wishes to become an accountant – not a goal many CCLEF girls articulate!

Damiola from Nigeria who implores us to sponsor her as she simply wishes to ‘become somebody”

Mary in Kenya who is totally honest in her letter to us this year admitting that her performance has dropped but promises she will return to studying this year with renewed vigour

Mhalia from St Lucia who is described by the head teacher as ‘quiet but assertive when needed’ and attentive to her studies – her application is accompanied by a photo of her with a very happy grin!

Please do help us to help these girls by contributing to  Peter ‘s ride. Riding the Camino is no mean feat and Peter will appreciate your encouragement.  He will also be very happy that you have helped these girls go to school this year. We need  £3158 to sponsor these girls (the cost of education is increasing alarmingly), and Peter’s overall target is £5,000  - please help us if you can!

If you would like to help us fundraise in any way or you would like to know more about the CCL Education Fund, please do not hesitate to be in contact with me.

At the end of January we say farewell to Dr. Casmir Chanda, who has worked for the CCLEF as the Administrative Secretary for about 7 years. We thank Casmir for all her hard work and constantly cheery disposition, and we wish Casmir all the every best for her next adventure.

May I take this opportunity to again wish you all a wonderful 2015 and thank you for all your support in the past year – we look forward to your ongoing and much appreciated support during this year...let’s keep educating girls together!

Warm wishes,

Penny O’Regan

CCL Education Fund Chairwoman