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Featured in Asian News:  Asia has become the largest recipient of sponsorship from the UK based charity Commonwealth Girls Education Fund (CGEF), formerly the Commonwealth Countries League Education Fund (CCLEF). The charity provides funding for the secondary education of capable girls who for financial reasons would otherwise be unable to attend school.

CGEF is entirely funded by donations and fund raising activities, and employs just one part time member of staff, who supports the efforts of the voluntary Board of Trustees. The charity has been historically well supported by members of both the business and social Asian communities. Most recently they were awarded a grant of £1000 by the Women’s India Association.

The charity also benefits from outstanding voluntary efforts from Asian individuals based in the UK. Their London 10k run campaign was led this year by 22 year old law student Jagravi Upadhyay. Under her superb voluntary leadership, the run raised a record amount for the charity, she was also a member of the organisational team for “Splendours of the Commonwealth” a glittering fundraising evening held in September at The May Fair hotel, London.

Jagravi was recently elected to the CGEF Board of Trustees, becoming their youngest Asian trustee in many years.

CGEF aims to raise enough funds to support around 450 girls. The cost of sponsoring this number of girls for five years of secondary education is over £500,000.

India currently benefits from having the largest number of CGEF sponsored girls in the Commonwealth, including a small group of very capable blind girls. The charity aims to continue to increase its numbers in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

You can find out more about the work of the Commonwealth Girls Education Fund, or make a donation, by browsing through our website or by emailing

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