Educate a girl, empower a woman, inspire a community, change lives!

Friday 11th October marks the International Day of the Girl Child and this interview with Daphne shows us why educating, safeguarding, nurturing and inspiring girls is so important.

What is the attitude towards girls’ education in your country?

Some parents want their children to get married before finishing their studies. Some girls also see themselves as grown and seek boyfriends, leaving their studies because they get gifts and money from their boyfriends. Adolescents and puberty disturb some girls. They see themselves as mature, which results in early pregnancy and marriage, so they cannot go to school.

Why do you think it is important for girls to go to school?

I think it is important for girls to go to school because these days anyone is allowed to get a job, regardless of sex. For example, a woman can be President, which was not possible in the past.

It is also important for girls to go to school so that they can own relevant qualifications. For example degree certificates and diplomas.

It is important for girls to go to school because they should also be among the successes of the nation and be among the people who work for the country. For example The Right Honourable Rebecca Kadaga as Speaker of the Ugandan Parliament.

How has CGEF sponsorship helped you this year and what has been the effect on your family?

Benefits: CGEF sponsorship has helped me to stay in education, which was not possible before since my parents are both very poor. It has relieved them of the stress of finding my schools fees and has prevented me from being sent home from school because I have not paid. I can now concentrate on my studies and has helped me perform well. It has made me be faithful and patient in that I will fulfil my dreams, since I got a sponsor when I really needed it.

Effects: My parents are now able to use the money they would have spent on my fees to pay for our basic needs like food. They are also able to spend more money on helping my siblings now that they do not need to worry about my education.

What career would you like to pursue in future and why?

I would like to be a cardiologist because I do not want to see people dying from heart disease. I would like to start up a hospital to allow more people to get access to treatments and offer jobs to those who do not have one.

I also want to show all of those who said that I could not make. This has been my dream since childhood and I want to be successful in life to help the needy as you have helped me.

What will you do in future to help girls in your community?

I want to set up seminars concerning girls’ education, counselling and guiding those who want to leave school and teaching them the benefits of staying.

I want to teach morals to those who are disturbed by adolescence and showing them how much more successful they can be if they stay in school. I want to be a good example to girls in my community and when all of my dreams come true, I will give sponsorship to those who are yearning for studies.