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News from SRI LANKA – A Future Teacher

Ashini is 12 years old and is described as a very bright student who scores very good marks in exams.  She is top of her class.  Although she faces a lot of economical problems, Ashini always strives to do her best.   Ashini enjoys Science.  In her application for sponsorship, she wrote, “My favourite subject is Science.  I would like to be a teacher and serve my country.  I will study hard to make my dream come true.  If I get this scholarship, I would be able to spend it on stationery such as text books and note books, pens and other basic school needs.  So this scholarship would be a great help in making my dream come true.”

Ashini’s school test results show how much she values and enjoys school.  She was top of her class (position 1 out of 44) and the following is her school report:

Religion 100%, Sinhala 90%, Mathematics 86%, Science 93%, English 62%, Citizenship Education 98%, Geography 92%, History 88%, Health Science 79%, PE 80%, Dancing 91%.

In January 2014, the school wrote of their delight to receive the sponsorship for the 6 girls.

“Today I write with very happy news. In our school system, we start the new year in January. Students start their studies in the new class in January. So all the six girls have got good marks & passed to the new grade. Under the guidance of our principal, we called up the parents to the school and gave them the necessary advice on how to spend the money. We managed to present the funds to them.  They are all amazed by the generosity of the Fund in accepting them for sponsorship. Some thanked with tears in the corners of their eyes. The principal and all the teacher, together with the parents, are extremely grateful to you for your generosity. We promise to send you some photos and receipts soon. But the exam records will be sent after April as our First Term Exam is in April.  We all wish you all the best ... God Bless You.