Educate a girl, empower a woman, inspire a community, change lives!

Claudine is a CGEF Alumna. On leaving school, she was extremely fortunate to be selected for further support and mentoring by Madrinha Trust - an organisation with whom the CGEF (formerly CCLEF) works closely to enable CGEF sponsored girls to benefit even further with their educational lives. Claudine is continuing her studies and is in her second year of a Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Laboratory Sciences. 

This is her story in her own words.

"I was born the fourth in my family, on 2nd January 1993 in the Western Province of Rwanda. My parents are subsistent agriculturalists; we depend completely on a small piece of land which never produced enough for us. As a child, I loved arts and culture but because I always had sick siblings at home, I started to have an ambition of being a doctor so that there will be none in my family who got sick again."

"As my family didn’t have the funds to support my education, I finished my Ordinary Level of education with support from my school, the church, relatives and friends. I wanted to study Chemistry and Biology in the Advanced Level; a dream which I realized with support from the CGEF and Madrinha Trust. Their support encouraged me so much I stuck to my targets as I no longer had fund related problems to schooling; I simply had to perform well! It is remarkable that what started as a dream in my family, an ‘experiment in success’ if you please, has now borne fruit- I now have two sisters who did their examinations during 2015; one did the Ordinary Level final examination while the other did the Final Grade Six Primary Examinations, something which wouldn’t have happened if my progress wasn’t so evident!"

"I want to become a woman of great impact in my country in the future and I really can see that happening, much like it has happened in my family! I Thank you for giving my life a righteous and ongoing brighter shaped vision for the future!