Educate a girl, empower a woman, inspire a community, change lives!

Launched in Abuja, in November 2003, nine girls travelled from the north for nine hours by road to join CCL representatives at the Commonwealth Market organised at the time of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting. Their spokeswoman, Maryam, was studying for a BSc in Agriculture, Maimuna was taking an accountancy course and Hauwa, now a mother, is a primary school teacher.

During a workshop the girls told how sponsorship by the CCLEF had changed their lives. It was important to them that the people from across the world had believed in their potential and chosen to give support. It had also given them the desire to share their knowledge with others in similar circumstances.

Maryam said: “I am hoping that someday I will use these privileges I had to assist people and make them appreciate the nature of education and the advantages of being educated. With the launching of the Alumnae I hope to link up with other girls who have enjoyed the sponsorship of CCL”.

Each spoke of their appreciation for the chance they had been given and pledged to help their fellow CGEF, formerly CCL Education Fund (CCLEF), scholars and to exchange friendship and knowledge across the Commonwealth.