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Zamakhize is from South Africa and explains about her situation, highlighting the need and desire of young girls to receive sponsorship from the CCL Education Fund:

We are six in my family. My parents who are unemployed, my older sister and twin brothers. I live in a rural area with very high unemployment rate as it is so underdeveloped.

I am always focussed and dedicated in my school work. My parents struggle to provide for the family as my sister is now an adult she has many needs and so it becomes difficult for my parents to manage the family. My family struggles a lot in paying my school expenses, such as my full school uniform. My parents can't afford to further my studies and making my dreams come true in doing medicine.

I am a very confident person and I am also very patient when it comes to my future success. Should I be considered for this bursary, I promise to continue to doing my school work amazingly.

Zamakhize received sponsorship and has continued schooling, thanks to the CCL Education Fund.