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CCLEF Girls in Education

Find our more about our girls and how our sponsorship supports them

Thandi in South Africa cares deeply for the community around her and wants to make a contribution in life. I am thrilled that I am able to be part of her life and to be able to help her progress with her future career plans. Sponsorship has enabled Thandi continue her secondary schooling without worries about books or uniform. Here is her story...

My father lives in Eastern Cape and was involved in an accident last year that made him paralysed and has meant he cannot support me due to his condition. My mother lives with my two siblings in a one room house. I live with my aunt and cousin, on a dairy farm, because my mum's house is too small and we don't get along well. My aunt works on the farm, along with my mother and siblings.

My aunt looks after me and supports me. She is 55 years old and only earns a small wage. I help in the house with washing by hand, cooking, helping my young cousin of 11.

I am head media prefect and do first aid at school. In my life I always wanted to achieve success and give back to those who are in need. I would love to be an accountant and have a happy life.

Esther is an orphan in South Africa. She is totally dependent on her sister, and their household income is just £86 per month. The Principal described her as caring, motivated, well behaved and hardworking.

The Fund enabled Esther to pay her £145 outstanding fees to her school and complete her Matriculation certificate. Esther wants to make a difference to others by becoming a qualified Social Worker.

The Fund has enabled her to achieve her ambition whilst making a huge difference to her quality of life.